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Do we provide Remove and Install?

As a general rule, we do not provide remove and installation.

We are a busy machine shop with limited space, we cannot accommodate a fleet of cars on our lot.

Please drop off your Engine- Short Block, Long Block, or Cylinder Heads, we can handle those.


Do I have to remove the extra parts before I drop off the engine?

Yes, please remove all the extra parts off the engine.  Such as  timing cover, oil pan, valve covers, exhaust manifold, and intake manifold.

Small parts can get lost or broken. Some may prevent us from utilizing the machines to provide you services.

We only need the Engine Block and Cylinder Head(s).


What typically comes with an Engine Rebuild?

A Full inspection must be done to access the current condition of the engine, any missing or broken parts is an Extra Cost.

Stock Rebuild (Block and Head(s) Only)-Removed from car- consists of : New Pistons, Rings, Engine Bearings, Full Gasket set, Oil Pump, Timing Set,  New guides, Grind Crank, Grind Cam, Bore and Hone, Valve Job (rebuild heads), Clean, and Assemble.

Some models (vintage or current years) may have parts availability issues, it depends on the make, model, and year of the vehicle.


Do you charge Sales Tax?

Yes, for California residents only.

Prices listed on this site are listed WITHOUT Sales Tax included.

Uncle Sam requires us to charge Sales Tax, therefore it will be added to your invoice.


What is a Core Charge?

Remanufactured parts usually charge a Core Charge if the part is not rebuildable or broken.

If your Engine Block or Cylinder Head is Damaged, Broken, Cracked, and Not Rebuildable.

There will be a "Core Charge" to provide you with a Good Rebuildable Core so we can complete the rebuild.

The price depends on your Make, Model, Year, and Availability.

If your Engine Block or Cylinder heads are in Good Condition, the core charge does not apply.


A Core Charge for Auto Parts is similar. It is a Manufacturers charge to return a "Core" so it can be Remanufactured or rebuilt.

You will be charged a Core Deposit when you order the part.  Please see Terms and Conditions for more detail.



Do you do other work on cars?

No, we are a Full Service Machine Shop and Auto Parts Store.

We do not have mechanics on duty.

We do not provide Transmission repair, work, or service.

We do not provide Electrical repair, work, or service.

If you need an Auto or Engine part, we can help.

If you need Engine Rebuilding or Machine Work for your Rebuild, we can help.


What if my newly installed engine will not start because of Anti-Theft device or Security Features?

In newer model cars, factory installed built in security system/anti-theft devices are common.

Your key or key fob may have a coded transponder chip installed into it, this is a sure sign you have the system.

This system doesn't have anything to do with the Remanufactured Engine itself.

The system reads the key, routes it through the Body Control Module (BCM) or Anti-Theft Module to the Engine Computer, it receives a "Go" or "No Go" signal.

If it receives a "No Go", the system will not enable the ignition, fuel system, or starter.

If this happens, you will have to take your car to the Dealer.  They will diagnose it with a Factory Scan Tool to determine what is causing the problem.

We cannot provide assistance, diagnosis, or repair if this situation occurs.

Only the dealer can address this issue.  This is the responsibility of the Car Owner.

Be sure to have all keys issued to you when you purchased the car, sometimes the car is 'synced' to a certain key.


How long does it typically take to rebuild an engine?

The typical Turn-time is 5-7 business days as long as the parts are available.

Vintage, Specialty, Special requests, Non-Stock items, can add more time to source and receive the parts.


Can I bring my own engine parts in for you to rebuild my engine?

No, we cannot warranty any Parts that we did not source, purchase, and receive.

Most manufactures warranties apply to the purchaser only, which would be you and not us.

The recourse for correct replacements, defects, correct sizes, etc is time consuming and we cannot spend man power, resources, or shop space waiting on parts, that may or may not be the correct ones.

We cannot warranty any Labor for faulty, defective, sub-standard, used, incorrect, wrong size, incorrect application, or otherwise.

When we rebuild an engine, we build it to O.E.M. specifications.

When Machine work is performed, sizing may change, we order parts for your specific engine rebuild from trusted sources to perform the work.







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