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Way back in the 1970’s, yeah, the last century we were building engines, but for ourselves.  We noticed that the San Fernando Valley didn’t have a good auto parts source and definitely didn’t have a great machine shop.  Of course, you’ll remember this way before the days of Autozone, O’Reillys, and Kragen on every corner.  It was just small shops, but not the variety and no machine services.

A light went off for us.  Let’s open two stores, one dedicated to auto parts of all sorts, and one to service engine builders, a machine shop.  So that’s what we did.   People and auto shops needed both products and services, we delivered. Our parts store was at 8708 Sunland Blvd, we closed it up about 20 years ago when the commercial stores came to the neighborhood.  We moved the core engine parts and auto parts to our current location.  

Our current location opened in 1979 providing Machine Shop services to Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We kept selling auto parts with a focus on Engine Parts. The need to save money by rebuilding your own engine, instead of buying a new engine or going to the dealer, is still just as relevant.  We’ve always catered to Do it Yourself, Mechanics, Auto Shops, the Studios, and Dealerships.  Now we’ve added mobile mechanics to the mix.  We’ve been rebuilding engines and selling quality auto parts ever since.

We are a Los Angeles based company committed to quality workmanship, quality parts, team effort, and excellent customer service.

Our belief in installing and rebuilding with quality engine components carries over into the products we sell, so you can feel good about your auto parts purchases.  Rebuilding Engines is our specialty, we believe in quality every step of the way.


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Valley Auto Parts and Engines store front
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Our Beliefs

Every job is unique.
We are not an assembly line.
Rebuild Your Engine to Specs.
Do it right the first time.
Don’t take shortcuts.
Attention to detail is king.
Hard work pays off.
We take our craft seriously.
Engines are an Investment.


Valley Auto Parts and Engines store front street

We love cars and engines, just like you do.  We take pride in our workmanship and a job well done.

Rebuild & Reuse

Our Mantra.  It is better for your pocketbook and the environment to rebuild your good engine core.  Breathe new life into your tired worn engine by rebuilding/remanufacturing it.  We are happy to do our part to recycle your engine.  Save money.  It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new car, and may increase the value.


Everyone loves saving money while receiving quality products and services.  We share this opinion.  

That’s why we offer affordable engine rebuilding, machine services, and auto parts at a price you can afford.  You don’t have to break the bank to get your car back on the road.

Problem Solvers

Your Engine Repair Lifeline since 1979.  Diving in to diagnose your engines problem and providing a solution to fix it.  We know you have to get back on the road, to work, to your life.

Professional engine rebuilding services to make that happen. Full line of auto parts so you can back to doing what you do best.

Customer Support

Communication is key.

What is wrong with your engine? How can it be fixed?  What parts do I need?  How much does it cost ?

You have questions, we have solutions and answers. 818 767-6603

Fellow Builders

Mechanics, Auto Shops, Body shops, Mobile mechanics we haven’t forgotten about you.  Let’s increase your business together.

You might have had to turn away business in the past because you do not offer any Machining services or carry engine parts.  Those days are over, with a full service machine shop on site, we can handle your engine rebuilds, cylinder head repairs, valve jobs and block work.  Of course we have Engine Rebuild Kits, Body parts, Engine parts and most internal and external auto parts.

We build Long Blocks, Short blocks, or just machining services.
Import and Domestic cars, trucks, forklifts, and commercial.
Gas and Diesel engines and cylinder heads.

It’s a Win-Win One Stop Solution!

Full service machine shop repair jobs

Take a look around the site for services we offer:
Machine work, Engine Rebuilds, or the Contact page for an Estimate or Questions.

You can always call us 818 767-6603