Our most affordable option to replace your car or truck engine.

These are NOT used engines pulled from cars or trucks.
We've gone through the engine, inspected, cleaned and machined the components (if needed).
Replaced 90% of the engine parts with New parts.
Any missing, damaged, or broken parts are replaced.
Engines are Free from cracks or missing components.

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How it Works

Engine Overhaul Process

Overhauls on Long Blocks (Block with Head(s)).
Procedure and parts vary with application.
Short blocks (No heads) available also.

Machine Work

Engine block- Inspected & Honed
All Components Inspected
Crank- Reground or Polished, if needed.
Cam- Reground or Polished, if needed.
Head(s)- Pressure tested. Valve Job, valves, seals & guides, replaced as needed.

Cleaned & Assembled

Engine Parts

New Piston Rings
New Engine Bearings
New Gasket Set
New Timing Set

Parts vary with application.

See listing details.

What's Included

Short Blocks- Bottom End Only- No heads.
Long Block- Engine Block with Head(s)

NO oil pan, timing or valve covers.

6 Month Warranty

Local pickup or Shipping Available.

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We may have other engines available, but not posted online.

Call us to check 818 767-6603