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What is an Engine Core Charge?

A Core Charge Fee is a Pre-paid amount billed at the time of sale for your Old Engine (the Core).
The amount charged varies with Make, Model, Year, and Engine Size.

We must Inspect the current condition of your old engine for the Exchange of the Rebuilt Engine you are purchasing.
The Engine Core must be “Like-for-Like” (Make, Model, and Type), no junkyard cores will be accepted.

Core Charge is Refundable if Your engine is in Good Rebuildable Condition with All Engine Components intact.

Full credit will be given Unless Damages, Missing Parts, and Exceptions are found.

Cracks/Welds in engine block, this is damage.
Visible Holes in Engine block, this is damage.
Missing Parts- Crank, Bearing Caps, Rods, Rod Caps, Cam, Timing Components, etc.

If it is Not in rebuildable condition or missing parts, there will NOT be a Refund.
There may be a Partial Refund if core contains good rebuildable parts.  Must be inspected to determine.

*** NOTE: Block Cores that are .40 Over  or Higher, may Not receive Full Core Credit.***

After inspection we will determine the amount to be Refunded/Credited back, Charges apply if any conditions above are present.

Your Responsibilities:
Your core must be marked to identify it as YOUR core.
Engines returned disassembled will Void our Core Policy and will be subject to Chargebacks, so send it in Assembled Condition.
Cores must be returned within 14 days of the delivery date to receive credit.
Cores must be Assembled and drained of all fluids, otherwise Hazmat charges will occur from the Trucking Company.

Please use the crate we shipped your engine to you in.
Freight companies have requested Engines be shipped Crated- Strapped to a Pallet.

Why are you being charged a Core Charge?

Good question, there are a few reasons.

We are Engine Re-Builders, we Remanufactured the Engine you purchased today from a Good Rebuildable Core.
Therefore, we need to replace it with another rebuildable core.
You turn in your old core so it can be remanufactured and sold to another customer, just like the Engine you are purchasing.
Charging the Core Charge Fee insures that will happen.

Remanufacturing is like Recycling the engine core.
Saves you Money and saves it from going into the landfill.

The old engine core has value if it is in good condition with all its components.
That’s why we can sell you a Remanufactured Engine on an Exchange Basis.

Exchanging your old engine for a remanufactured engine is where the savings are realized.  New engines have a much higher cost.

Since you may not have a Core, or your core may have damage, we must charge you upfront for a Core Charge.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to Return the core to our Shop. Drop it off or ship it to us.  We do not pay for Shipping charges.

Remember, you will receive full credit for your engine core if it is in good rebuildable condition, not missing any parts, doesn’t have any damages, and passes our inspection.  None of this can be determined until we receive your core, inspect it, and determine the amount to be credited back to your account.  

If you have questions, give us a call 818 767-6603 or email from the Contact page.