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Valley Auto Parts and Engines specializes in remanufactured rebuilt car engines and engine repair.  Stock Rebuilds, Gas & Marine Engines.  Same location since 1979.
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Popular Engine Rebuild Price Sheet Estimates and Engine Rebuilding Procedures.

Engine Rebuilding Price Cost Estimate Sheet

I need an Engine Rebuild.

You’ve come to the right place. Rebuilding your engine can fix a variety of problems. Whether you overheated, froze up, seized, leaking oil or low compression.


What is a Long Block?
It is an engine block (bottom end) with cylinder heads (top end), not including oil pan, covers or other attachments.

Usually includes: Cylinder heads, Block, Pistons, Rings, Engine bearings, Timing Set, Connecting rods, Camshaft and Crankshaft.

Parts may vary, depending on Year, Make and Model.

What’s in a Rebuild?
Teardown and Inspection for cracks and reason for engine failure.

Machine Work:
Bore and Hone Block
Recondition Camshaft
Recondition Crankshaft
Recondition Connecting Rods

Valve Job on Cylinder Head:
Resurface Head
Grind Valves
Cut Valve Seats- 3 angle
Install New Valve Stem Seals

Replace with New Parts:
Pistons and Rings
Bearings- Rods, Mains, Cam
Full Gasket Set, Oil Pump
Timing Set

Clean, Paint, and Assemble

Any missing or broken parts must be replaced at an Extra Cost.

The price sheet can be hard to see on Mobile and Tablets.

Open a PDF to view, or PRINT a copy.

Car Makes & Models   (the short list)

Acura Isuzu
Cadillac Jeep
Chevy/ GM Kia
Chrysler Mazda
Datsun Mitsubishi
Dodge Nissan
Ford Pontiac
Honda Toyota

We rebuild various makes and models
of Car, Truck and Marine Engines.

There are too many variations to list on
our “Popular Price Sheet”.

Click the Free Estimate icon,
if your specific engine if it is not listed.
We can send you a personalized quote.


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engine Rebuild Estimate for machine shop

Who do we Build Engines For?

Mobile Mechanics
Auto Repair Shops
Commercial Fleet
Food Trucks

Locations Served

Los Angeles
San Fernando Valley
Almost Everywhere


Engine Types Rebuilt

Remanufactured Long Block
Remanufactured Short Block
Exchange Engines- In Stock Rebuilt
Stock Rebuilds
Boat/Marine Engines
Import & Domestic



Select the various Tabs to see the Stages of Engine Rebuilding.


Rebuild a car engine- the inspectionHere is a shot of a Dodge 4.7 dropped off for a complete engine rebuild

Your engine may look better or worse.

First Step.
Before we disassemble this engine, we will give it a visual inspection, looking for obvious signs of damage, cracks, or cause of engine failure.

Plus we make sure all the components are there, sometimes clients bring their engine in pieces.  Some even bring them in boxes and bags.

Nothing worse than hunting for small parts.
Any missing or broken parts need to be replaced.  Luckily, we can source most any auto parts needed for your engine rebuild.


car engine teardown and inspect

Here is where we tear into the engine and completely take it apart.  Major problems are pretty obvious and now we can see if any problems exist internally.

Such as dropped seats, condition of the cylinders, any cracks on block or heads, any warping, or twisted components.

It's off to the Hot Tank to degrease so we can work with the parts.


Bore Cylinder walls on engine blockHot Tanked and Clean, ready for block work.

Time to check the cylinder bore to see if they are round and true with good bore geometry and straightness.

Checking for pitting, scoring, scuffing, pin holes, etc.  If the cylinders are not in good condition, they may need to be resleeved.

If everything looks good, we take measurements for proper application crosshatch angle, and move forward with boring the cylinders.
Now we can order the correct sizing for the Pistons and Rings.
First two cylinder walls are dull and black, not bored yet.  Really in need of a refresh.

You can see the difference in the cylinder we bored.  The surface finish is looking good.

These cylinders will have good ring seating and sealing and the pistons will have proper side clearances.


Engine rebuild- hone engine block

Time to put a nice crosshatch finish on the cylinders.

Pistons and Rings will fit properly after honing and retain the proper amount of oil for good lubrication.

You can see how remanufacturing and machining the engine components breathes new life into the engine.


resurfaced cylinder head during valve job

Cylinder head repairs for optimum performance.
Basic Valve Job includes: Magnaflux for cracks, Grind valves, Cut 3 Angle Valve seats, Resurface, New valve stem seals, Clean, Paint, and Assemble.

After clean and disassemble, we inspect the valve seats and valve guides condition, making sure they are in good shape.  Any missing or broken parts need to be replaced, at an extra cost.  Resurfacing the head gives a nice flat surface, the gasket will have a good seal against the block now. Cutting the valve seats is next. We cut 3 angle.

Engine rebuild valve job

The valves are checked for straightness and good condition, then we grind the valve surface. With both the seat and the valve reground, the mating surface will have an excellent match.  Replacing items depends on the condition of your cylinder heads, some heads are prone to problems.

New valve stem seals are installed during final assembly.  Then we put everything back together.





Build engine- valve job

These heads are ready to bolt on the block.


Building a short block engineOnce the block work is complete, it is time to start building the Short Block.

So far:
Bore and Honed the block
Painted Block
Reconditioned connecting rods.
Hung the New Pistons
Reground the Crankshaft
Reground the Camshaft
Installed the Cam Bearings
Installed Freeze Plugs

Time to assemble.




short block assembly during engine rebuild Crankshaft and Cam installed.
Just about ready to install the Pistons.

Engine Rebuild Kit- New parts used in this rebuild.
Pistons and Rings
Engine Bearings- Mains, Cam, and Rod
Full Gasket Set
Freeze Plugs
Thrust Washers
Timing Set
Oil Pump

Engine parts vary depending on Make, Model, Year, and Engine size.  Most kits contain these core parts.

Your engine may have additional parts.

Remanufactured Long Block Engine

building a long block car engine  Short block is complete and we are ready to bolt on the cylinder heads.

We need to add the gaskets and timing components.

Oil pump and extra gaskets go with the customer for final installation.






Remanufactured engine rebuild

Cylinder heads are bolted on the Short block.

Everything torqued to OEM specifications

Now we have a completed Long Block engine rebuild.

Your engine will go thru these same basic steps.  If you need additional work due to damage parts, no worries, we will let you know.

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