Ford 4.0L V6 SOHC Engine Short Block Remanufactured


Remanufactured Ford 4.0 V6 SB
Block Casting #: 1L2E

Years: 2001-2007  VIN ‘E, K’

Explorer and Mountaineer

Exchanged for Good Rebuildable Core.
Core Deposit Added at Checkout


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  • CORE CHARGE- $500 - $500.00

Product Description

Rebuilt Remanufactured Ford 4.0L Engine Short Block for Sale.

Ford 4.0L V6 SOHC Engine Short Block.
Block Casting #: 1L2E

Years: 2001-2007  VIN ‘E, K’

Displacement: 4.0L / 244 cid
Piston Style: Flat Top

Price reflects Exchange with your Good Rebuildable Core.

Stock Rebuild:
New Parts Include:

New Pistons, Rings, Rod bearings,
Main bearings, and Freeze plugs.

Machine Services:
Recondition/Reground/Grind and Polish Crankshaft
Recondition Connecting Rods
Bore and Hone Engine Block

Cleaned, Painted, and Assembled.
All to O.E.M. specifications.
Condition: Remanufactured
Zero Miles

JUST AS PICTURED. Bottom End- Block only.
NO Oil Pan, Valve Cover, Timing Cover or Cylinder Heads.

4.0L V6 Applications:

2001-2007 Ford Explorer

2001-2007 Mercury Mountaineer


Price: $1495.00 Plus $500.00 Core Charge Fee (Refundable with Good Core) + Tax (CA).
SHIPPING IS EXTRA.  Call or Email for an Estimate.

Warranty: 6 Months for Non-Commercial Use.
More details on the Warranties page.

No Warranty on Track, Racing, or Competition use.

Core Deposit will be added at Checkout: $500.00
Full Credit if Your Core is in Good Rebuildable condition with All components.
No Missing, Damaged, or Broken Parts.  No junkyard cores.
*** NOTE: Block Cores that are .030 Over  or Higher, may Not receive Full Core Credit.***
More Details about Core Charges Here.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

3-4 Weeks Processing Time

Email or 818 767-6603

Are you doing your own rebuild?
We have Ford 4.0L Engine Parts and Kits.
Full Gasket Set, Valve Lifters, Timing Set, Head Bolts, and Oil Pump available.

We also offer Machine Services- Bore and Hone, Crank and Cam grind and polish, plus Valve Jobs.

Price Subject to Application.

Contact us for your Ford 4.0L Engine needs!

818 767-6603

Looking for a different short block engine model, to search other models.

What is an Engine Core Charge?

A Core Charge Fee is a Pre-paid amount billed at the time of sale for your Old Engine (the Core) or Old Cylinder Head (the core).
The amount charged varies with Make, Model, Year, and Engine Size.

We must Inspect the current condition of your old engine or cylinder head for the Exchange of the Rebuilt Engine or Cylinder Head you are purchasing.
The Engine or Cylinder Head Core must be “Like-for-Like” (Make, Model, and Type), no junkyard cores will be accepted.

Core Charge is Refundable if Your engine or cylinder head is in Good Rebuildable Condition with All Engine Components intact.
Full credit will be given Unless: Bore is Oversized .030 or more, Damaged parts, Missing Parts, and Exceptions are found.

Cracks/Welds in engine block or head, this is damage.
Visible Holes in Engine block or head, this is damage.
Missing Parts- Crank, Bearing Caps, Rods, Rod Caps, Cam, Timing Components, etc.
Missing Head parts- Cams, Valves, Springs, Seats, etc. 

If it is Not in rebuildable condition or missing parts, there will NOT be a Refund. There may be a Partial Refund.
After inspection we will determine the amount to be Refunded/Credited back, Charges apply if any conditions above are present.

*** NOTE: Block Cores that are .030 Over  or Higher, may Not receive Full Core Credit.***

Your Responsibilities:
Your core must be marked to identify it as YOUR core.
Engines returned disassembled will Void our Core Policy and will be subject to Chargebacks, so send it in Assembled Condition.
Cores must be returned within 20 days of the delivery date to receive credit.
Cores must be Assembled and drained of all fluids, otherwise Hazmat charges will occur.

More details on our Core Charge page:
Core Charge Info

Engines- Short Blocks or Long Blocks have two options for delivery.

  1. Local Pick up at our Store.
  2. Freight Shipping to your Residence, Business or Mechanic Shop.
    We need information to get an accurate shipping quote.
    a.  Is it shipping to a Residence or a Business?
    b.  Do you have a Forklift to unload the engine?
    c.  We need at least the Zip Code to get a price.

Engines are shipped Crated, strapped to a pallet.

If you are Returning a Core, it must also be Crated and Strapped to a pallet.
You can use the same crate we shipped to you.
Core Engines must be DRY, drained of all fluids. Otherwise the trucking company will charge you an additional Hazmat fee or they will refuse pickup if the crate leaks or starts leaking.

There is a shipping charge from us to you, and from you to us (core return- if applicable).

We will send you a Paypal invoice once shipping charges are accepted.


THE “SHIP TO” ADDRESS MUST BE INPUT INTO PAYPAL--BEFORE— YOU MAKE PAYMENT if it is being Delivered to a Shop, Mechanic, or Other address that is not in your Paypal account.

If you plan to ship Your engine to us, we can assist with a Shipping Estimate.
We need to know:
What is your Zip Code?
How much does it weigh?
What are the dimensions (LxWxH)
Is it crated on a Pallet? (This is stackable)
Is it strapped to a pallet, No crate? (Not stackable)
Do you have a forklift to load it?
Will it pick up from a Business or a Residence?

We recommend crating it on a pallet.  It prevents damage.
Use at least 2 Heavy Duty Straps to prevent it from sliding or moving around.
These are bouncing around in the back of Big Rigs, so they can get damaged.

If you change your mind, decide not to continue, or cancel your Engine Order Purchase for any reason, once the order has been placed and Paid for/Deposit Made, and do not want us to complete your build.

You will incur a 25% shop fee for time, labor, resources, and materials.
Fee will be deducted from Refunded amount.

Questions- 818 767-6603